10 Hidden Details About Monica And Rachel’s Apartment You Never Noticed

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019

Whether you grew up tuning into Friends each week to see what this ragtag group of New Yorkers were getting up to this week, or you’ve been streaming the series ever since it was made available by Netflix, it’s easy to see why this show still makes a huge impact on people today.

The cast of characters we came to know on this hit sitcom were the focus of the series, of course, but the main sets featured on the show were just as prominent. What would the show be without Central Perk or the guys’ apartment or better yet, Monica and Rachel’s apartment?

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There likely are things about Monica and Rachel’s apartment, in particular, that you may not have noticed as of yet, but we are here to rectify that with 10 hidden details featured in their apartment you haven’t noticed before.

10 The Gold Frame Around The Peephole Was An Accident

Any Friends fanatic can likely tell you everything you need to know about the series, from the characters to their love lives to the funniest episodes to the saddest. But little details like this may not be as obvious to even the most eagle-eyed viewers.

On the door of the girls’ apartment, there was a statement piece of sorts of a gold frame that surrounded the peephole. It got there purely by accident, after a member of the crew broke the mirror that was within the frame to begin with.

They then put it on the door and it just looked right there, so there it stayed for the rest of the series.

9 The Middle Of Their Door Had An Old-Fashioned Doorbell

A less obvious observation than even the gold frame on their door would be what was in the middle of the same front door. Viewers have long wondered what it was that was right in the middle of it and even took to Reddit to try to figure it out for themselves.

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It turns out, the round, golden object in the middle is actually an old-fashioned doorbell that is operated much like a bell on a bicycle. This had been bothering fans for years so finally having the answer to this question is certainly satisfying and interesting piece of Friends trivia to have.

8 The Vintage French Poster Was An Ad For Children’s Toys

The vintage French Jouets poster seen in Monica and Rachel’s living room all throughout the series is prominently featured in every scene featured in their apartment. The poster itself is actually a French poster that was advertising children’s toys for that time period — specifically a rocking horse.

This was an expensive and very desired toy of that time. It made for a beautiful and intricately designed poster, but furthermore, it helped conceal another camera used for filming the show.

It helped to shoot scenes from that perspective without changing the physical aspects of the set. 

7 There Was A Disappearing Beam

In the early episodes of Friends, you may have noticed that there was a large wooden beam above that somewhat separated the kitchen from the living room. But eventually, it just disappeared with no explanation.

After that, it would suddenly reappear again and then go away just as suddenly as before. But the explanation for that was a simple one.

It only reappeared when a certain director by the name of James Burrows was directing an episode. This was done more as an inside joke than anything else and is now an Easter egg for Friends fans to see when they spot the beam suddenly again.

6 They Wanted It To Have A “Whimsical” Feel

The set designer of the show was a man by the name of Greg Grande, who has also worked on shows such as Joey and Switched At Birth. He was also a main player in developing the feel of Monica and Rachel’s place.

He specifically wanted it to have “a whole new kind of eclectic taste with a flea-market, whimsical, anything-goes style”. It definitely made the apartment feel like young women in their 20s lived there who were still trying to figure things out for themselves.

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The style was very boho and yes, “whimsical”, so we applaud the set designer going in that direction for the girls.

5 They Actually Had A Brooklyn Address

All throughout the series, we are to believe that Monica and Rachel — along with Joey and Chandler — are living in a West Village apartment complex. But we later learned, that was not entirely accurate judging by their address.

In the episode where Ross sends Rachel an invitation to his wedding to Emily, we see her address on the envelope, which is 495 Grove Street.

This is actually a Brooklyn address rather than a West Village one, but only people familiar with New York and its different neighborhoods would really notice something such as that.

4 The Door Beyond The Bathroom Was Almost Never Opened

You likely remember the episode that had Chandler obsessed with finding out what was in the door beyond the bathroom in Monica’s apartment. They were married at this point and she was determined to not let him in on the secret.

Eventually, it was opened, and he saw that it was basically storage for all of her junk. While it was a hilarious episode, it made us think back, and truly that door hadn’t been opened since season 1.

It’s almost incredible that it had taken 8 seasons for us to see the contents of that door once again, but at least they saved it for a great storyline.

3 Their Apartment Number Changed

Earlier in the series, whenever their front door was open, fans may have noticed the number on that door as being the number 5. But later on, it was changed to 20 and stayed that way for the rest of the show’s run.

There is an easy answer as to why the set designer’s changed this — it was to fix a mistake. With how high up their apartment was in the building, it wouldn’t make sense for their door number to be so low.

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Changing it to 20 subtly fixes their original mistake without drawing too much attention to it.

2 The Chairs Always Changed At The Kitchen Table

Part of the care-free, whimsical vibes to their apartment had to do with the kitchen just as much as the living room’s decor and the bedroom’s designs.

If you’ve noticed, the chairs surrounding the kitchen table that the group of friends were constantly seated at were always changing. As it is, they were never really matching and always had different styles to them, but even the chairs themselves would change over time.

It definitely helped to give viewers the fell of the young women who were struggling to get by but still went to the flea-market to find stylish pieces at affordable prices for their apartment.

1 The Purple Walls

Okay, this may seem like an obvious one, but actually, it wasn’t as obvious as one might think. The walls being such a striking color of purple never seemed to be that noticeable to fans of the show.

Maybe it was because we were more focused on the trials and tribulations of the young adults living their lives in New York, but regardless, you’d think a color as vibrant as that would be almost shocking to viewers.

Even Joey asked by the series’ end if the color has always been purple because honestly, it started to seem as neutral of a color for an apartment as brown or gray.

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