10 Characters Who Deserve To Be Sent To Azkaban

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019

Azkaban is not a place anybody in Harry Potter’s world wants to spend their time. In both the books and the movies, it’s a horrible place with stone-cold walls, hard floors, and is surrounded by the nasty Dementors who feed off human pain and suffering. It’s a place that makes even the toughest jails in the world look like a holiday camp by comparison.

Some characters spend time there, paying the price for crimes they’ve committed (or not, in the case of Sirius Black). Yet, not every bad person spent time there. We now take a look at 10 characters who most certainly deserved a stint behind bars at one point in time.

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10 Lord Voldemort

Obviously, let’s start with the worst wizard of his generation, or perhaps even of all time. Lord Voldemort has two stints when it looks like he’s on top, one when Harry Potter was still in diapers and another when the Boy Who Lived is approaching adulthood. During that time, he subjected thousands to death, torture, and despair.

Nobody but Harry is able to defeat him, though, meaning he is never incarcerated. Voldemort would have probably had the magical prowess to escape anyway, particularly if Sirius Black can do it. But, despite that, the Ministry of Magic should still have tried to force a spell behind bars on him.

9 Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy really is an extremely fortunate man to avoid going to Azkaban at the end of the second Deathly Hallows movie. Like, really lucky. While he defects late in the day, choosing to back the good guys over the villainous Death Eaters, he still does many abhorrent things throughout both that movie and it’s two predecessors, Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and Half-Blood Prince.

In the Half-Blood Prince, he’s responsible for poisoning Ron Weasley and cursing Katie Bell. He’s also involved in the death of Albus Dumbledore, helping the Death Eaters make their way into the castle. For those three crimes alone, he should have been subjected to punishment. Harry and his good conscience stopped that from happening.

8 Narcissa Malfoy

We’ll give Narcissa Malfoy credit. She, of all the family, deserves to remain free after the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Particularly given how she risks certain death at the hands of Lord Voldemort by choosing to tell her master that Harry Potter, after being struck by the killing curse yet and surviving again, was finally dead.

But she should have been thrown into jail for knowing about the Death Eaters’ plot to get into Hogwarts and go after Albus Dumbledore. Not necessarily for the wizard’s death, but because of what else happened that night. Bill Weasley suffers life-changing injuries which , had Narcissa spoken up, could have prevented it. Take her away, we say.

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7 Vincent Crabbe

Vincent Crabbe in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

For six books and seven movies, Vincent Crabbe was nothing but a troll in a human body. He would grunt just like the creature that broke into Hogwarts back in the Sorcerer’s Stone and spend much of his time joining Draco Malfoy and Gregory Goyle in bullying many students at the school. But, for all those things, he was never a killer.

Yet when the Carrows start teaching at the school, Crabbe becomes transformed. Suddenly he’s a high-flying student, excelling at the Dark Arts (which replaced Defence Against the Dark Arts). He tries to kill Hermione by using the Avada Kedavra curse but, thankfully, misses. He dies in the Room of Requirement after setting it alight but true justice would have been a spell in Azkaban.

6 Dolores Umbridge

Sure, JK Rowling revealed that Dolores Umbridge was imprisoned in Azkaban following the fall of Lord Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts. Yet, because we didn’t see that in any of the books or movies, coupled with the fact she was at her dastardly worst throughout the Order of the Phoenix, she makes the cut.

What Umbridge did to Harry during his time in her office must have been illegal. Certainly, if a teacher asked you to write lines in your own blood, you’re sure as hell they wouldn’t be able to stay in the profession. It’s like torture, but without the Cruciatus curse to inflict it. She’s abusive towards Centaurs, too, and just a loathsome individual. Lock her up and throw away the key.

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5 Cornelius Fudge

As authority goes, Cornelius Fudge is an absolutely shambolic Minister of Magic. Though he didn’t technically do anything wrong, he should have been put on trial for lying to the public about Lord Voldemort’s return because, if he’d fronted up right away, then he would have been able to tackle the Dark Lord head-on. As a consequence of his actions, the wizarding world fell behind right from the very off.

Fudge also operates with an agenda, something no politican should do. He is in favor of kicking Harry out of Hogwarts when the rest of the people at the trial would rather he stay, and he’s rather lucky he’s not the Minister of Magic murdered by Voldemort in the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Poor Rufus Scrimgeour…

4 Ludo Bagman

Ludo Bagman doesn’t appear in any of the Harry Potter movies, which is a shame because, as, in the Goblet of Fire, he’s a relatively important character. He’s a dodgy one, too, scamming anybody he can out of sold gold. Whether that be the Weasley twins or Goblins, there’s not a single person he isn’t prepared to double-cross.

And that’s why he’s a criminal and deserves time in Azkaban. At the end of the fourth book, he flees and is never heard from again after realizing that he owes people a lot of money and doesn’t have the gold to pay up. If you can’t pay, take him away. He’d have probably suffered, though, with the Dementors taking great pleasure in his usually joyful persona.

3 Peter Pettigrew

Peter Pettigrew was a nice, quiet little boy who idolized his friends James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin during his time at Hogwarts. However, when he left, he turned on James by tricking Sirius into becoming his and Lily Potter’s Secret Keeper before relaying their whereabouts to Voldemort.

As if that isn’t bad enough, he also kills 13 muggles by blowing up a street and framing Sirius for it. He proceeds to murder Cedric Diggory in the graveyard in the Goblet of Fire and plays a significant role in the Dark Lord’s return to power. All of this is unforgivable, and, while he helps Harry escape Malfoy Manor, that isn’t punishment enough for such monstrous crimes.

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2 Quirinus Quirrell

Quirinus Quirrell, like Peter Pettigrew, wasn’t always a villain. He was a nervous, quivering wreck and struggled to get through the day at Hogwarts due to his constant anxiety. However, when he came across Lord Voldemort in an Albanian forest, he’s persuaded into hiding the villain behind his turban and in the back of his head.

He’s good for the most part, choosing to operate in secret. Still, killing Unicorns and drinking their blood is a torrid crime in the wizarding world, and his attempts to murder Harry are also unforgivable. Once again, death came for him, meaning he was unable to spend time in Azkaban where, had he lived, he would definitely have ended up.

1 The Dursleys

Sure, we know that the Dursley’s are Muggles and, therefore, would likely be imprisoned in a normal facility should they ever be forced to pay for the way they treated Harry. Yet, because of the Boy Who Lived’s significance in the wizarding community, we feel that’s reason enough to throw them in Azkaban instead.

Not that they’d be much of a feast for the Dementors, though. They’re about as cheery as a Knut and wouldn’t exactly taste good. The Dementors may even try and suck out their soul only to find they don’t have one in the first place. As parental figures go, poor Harry had it super tough.

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