10 Best MCU Spider-Man Funko Pops, Ranked

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019

It would’ve been a real shame if negotiations between Sony and Marvel have fell through and because he was one of the franchise’s most popular characters. He represents the kind of ground-level character that doesn’t often get a lot of attention in the MCU and his standalone adventures felt more personal than most others.

With Holland’s Spidey officially back in the MCU, now is the perfect time to commemorate his tenure so far alongside Earth’s mightiest heroes with a couple of Funko Pops. So, here are the 10 Best MCU Spider-Man Funko Pops, Ranked.

10 Funko Pop! Marvel: Spider-Man: Far from Home – Spider-Man Hero Suit


Spider-Man has worn a bunch of different costumes in the MCU. This one is one of the closest to his classic costumes from the comics. Apart from the black stripes that exist to give the suit some of Tony Stark’s tech, the blue arms and legs and the webbed red pattern have been there since the very first appearance of Peter Parker on the pages of Marvel Comics.

In this Funko Pop, he’s using his cell phone, which was included in Spider-Man: Far From Home as a reference to Spidey taking selfies in the recent, critically acclaimed Spider-Man PS4 game.

9 Funko Pop! Marvel: Spider-Man: Far from Home – Mysterio

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Marvel Comics fans were ecstatic that the visual effects team behind Spider-Man: Far From Home managed to faithfully depict Mysterio with the fishbowl on his head. For a while, the superhero movie market dictated that the sillier costumes from the comics had to be made more realistic for the big screen.

Remember when the X-Men’s yellow spandex was switched out for black leather? So, there were fears that any film adaptation of the Mysterio character would do away with the fishbowl helmet. Thankfully, the fishbowl not only remained; it looked fantastic. And on top of that, Jake Gyllenhaal nailed the character.

8 Funko Pop! Marvel: Spider-Man: Far from Home – MJ


Zendaya doesn’t technically play Mary Jane in the MCU’s Spider-Man movies, because her name is Michelle, but everyone calls her “M.J.” and she’s Peter Parker’s long-term love interest, so she’s basically playing Mary Jane.

In this Funko Pop, she’s wielding the medieval weapon she grabbed from the museum to use in Spider-Man: Far From Home’s London-set final battle. Hopefully, when Sony starts making their own movies with Tom Holland’s Spidey, they’ll bring Zendaya along to reprise her role as M.J., because she’s a really lovable character who was developed into a more complex and real person throughout Far From Home, and she has amazing chemistry with Holland.

7 Funko POP! Marvel: Avengers Infinity War – Iron Man

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Tony Stark was an important part of Peter Parker’s character development in the MCU. He took on the Uncle Ben role of mentoring Peter through his career as a superhero, and his death in Avengers: Endgame only solidified that. Tony first recruited Peter to join his side in Captain America: Civil War and then Tony appeared as a supporting character in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This Funko Pop sees Tony in the armor that he wore in Avengers: Infinity War when he jetted off to Titan with Spider-Man and their father-son relationship developed even more. It’s when Spidey died in his arms.

6 Funko Pop! Marvel: Spider-Man: Far from Home – Spider-Man Stealth Suit


When Spider-Man was first seen wearing his “stealth suit” in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers, fans speculated that it might be Spider-Man Noir visiting via the multiverse. As it turns out, it was just a stealth suit, because Mysterio turned out to be lying about the multiverse.

Still, it’s a cool-looking suit and it was clearly inspired by the Spider-Man Noir costume from the comics, so this Funko Pop is a must-have for any Marvel fan. Spider-Man Noir did make his big-screen debut last year in the animated gem Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in which he was played, oddly enough, by Nicolas Cage.

5 Funko Pop Marvel: Spider-Man Movie – Spider-Man Collectible Figure, Multicolor


Along with Batman and Superman, Spider-Man has one of the most recognizable costumes in superhero comics history. The use of bright shades of the primary colors red and blue make it easy on the eyes. In the MCU, we’ve seen a few different versions of Spidey’s costume – from swapping out the blue for black to making their entire suit out of so-called “nanotechnology” – but none of them will ever beat the original, conceived by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko decades ago.

This Funko Pop is one of the closest to Spidey’s classic costume on the market, so it’s a must-own for web-head fans.

4 Funko Pop! Marvel: Spider-Man Far from Home – Happy Hogan

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With Spider-Man out of the MCU, there’s a chance that Happy Hogan will be out, too. Peter Parker’s surrogate father-son relationship with Tony Stark meant that Happy had a place in Spidey’s stories. Far From Home proved that, even after Tony’s death, there could be a place for Happy in those stories, mentoring Peter through his grief and flirting with Aunt May.

If there’s no Spidey, there might not be any Happy anymore, which would be a shame, because his curmudgeonly interactions with Peter are always hilarious. Here, we see him carrying a giant check for Aunt May’s charitable organization.

3 Funko POP! Marvel: Avengers Infinity War – Iron Spider


One of Spider-Man’s coolest new suits in the MCU has been the Iron Spider costume. This was designed by Tony Stark using the same nanotechnology that he used to create his final versions of the Iron Man armor.

It has plenty of interesting features, like the retractable metal legs, the “Instant Kill” mode (controversially used by a character who, in the comics, refuses to kill under any circumstances), and the fact that Peter can breathe in space if he wears it, because it comes with its own supply of oxygen. This Funko Pop is a fun reminder of Peter’s time in the Avengers movies.

2 POP! Funko Marvel Spider-Man: Far from Home Mysterio (W/Out Helmet) Vinyl Bobble-Head Exclusive #477


Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly enjoyed wearing the Mysterio costume so much that he asked the producers of Spider-Man: Far From Home to include it in more of his scenes. Gyllenhaal was enlisted to replace Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker in the middle of shooting Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 when Maguire was injured and it looked like he might not pull through.

He never ended up playing Spider-Man, but this year, he did play one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes when he took on the role of Quentin Beck in Far From Home. This Funko Pop sees the character without his fishbowl helmet on.

1 Funko Pop! Marvel: Spider-Man: Far from Home – Spider-Man Upgraded Suit

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In Spidey’s most recent MCU outing, Spider-Man: Far From Home, your friendly neighborhood web-slinger designed himself a new suit using Tony Stark’s tech. While he was on board one of Stark’s private jets with Happy Hogan, Peter Parker jumped into the lab and blasted AC/DC’s “Back in Black” from the stereo.

Peter combined all the best features of the previous suits that Tony made for him in order to give himself the perfect suit to take on Mysterio and bring down his nefarious illusions in London during the movie’s final battle. In this Funko Pop, he’s in action with the suit.

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