Xbox Announces Project xCloud Game Previews, New Ways to Play

gomoviesNovember 14, 2019

Microsoft‘s Project xCloud is still in development, but the company shared some major updates during X019 today, including the addition of a whopping 50+ new titles to the preview that’s ongoing right now alongside some major additions to play options that should make it more accessible to everyone in the near future. Project xCloud is Microsoft’s take on the burgeoning sector of the industry that is streaming video game services, and so far, it’s established itself as a very promising addition to that new platform.

Most of the complaints centering around Project xCloud during its preview is that it needs more titles for fans to really understand what it offers them in comparison to, say, simply owning a console and picking up the games they are most interested in. Specifically, fans really want to test the way Project xCloud performs while running different types of games, and the preview was initially limited to just Gears 5Halo 5Killer Instinct, and Sea of Thieves. As Google Stadia looms large on the horizon, it makes sense that Microsoft give its players more incentive to give Project xCloud a try and see what the future of a Microsoft-owned game service in that sphere really looks like.

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During the X019 presentation, Microsoft unveiled new plans for Project xCloud, the most important of which was the revelation that over 50 titles would be heading to the preview of it in the near future. The company also indicated that it was listening to fan feedback that had requested more opportunities to play beyond just on mobile phones, and announced that it would be bringing Project xCloud to Windows 10 PCs next year, while also collaborating with a wider range of potential partners to make the service available on other devices as well, though no specifics for that were given.

Xbox also announced that Project xCloud will also expand its support of peripherals to give players more options. On top of the already supported Xbox One wireless controller, the service will be expanding into adding support for the DUALSHOCK 4 controller of PlayStation 4 fame, as well as various game pads from Razer. It’s a nod to the fact that streaming services already feel like a premium gaming experience, and support across multiple styles of controller add to that feel. Xbox will also be bringing the Project xCloud preview to more markets beginning in 2020, with Canada, India, Western Europe, and Japan all targeted as expansion locations.

Xbox also revealed that in 2020 Project xCloud will allow gamers to stream their Xbox games from the cloud if they already own them. Xbox Game Pass support from the cloud to that service will also be added.

It’s a major series of announcements for Microsoft’s fledgling Project xCloud 2020 plans, and they all sound pretty appealing. With competition only getting more cut-throat as game streaming becomes a hotly contested market, Xbox is working hard to make sure that Project xCloud has enough going for it to stand out, and 2020 sounds like it will be bringing just that.

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