Doctor Sleep: We Need a Rose the Hat Prequel for Rebecca Ferguson

gomoviesNovember 8, 2019

Some of the best casting I’ve seen all year? Rebecca Ferguson as Rose the Hat in the big screen adaptation of Doctor Sleep. Rose is the leader of the True Knot, a group of parasites in a sense, who feed off of those who can shine, like Dan Torrance (Ewan McGregor). Rose struts around with all the confidence in the world until she finally meets her match, a young girl named Abra Stone (Kyliegh Curran). Not only would Abra’s shine be a feast for the True, but Rose also doesn’t want someone more powerful than her out in the world so she sets out to suck the “steam” from her new foe.

Personally? I think Ferguson’s Rose the Hat is one of the best big screen villains we’ve seen all year. She’s ruthless but also downright magnetizing. Similar to the Stephen King source material, Mike Flanagan‘s film doesn’t give us all that much backstory on Rose so when I sat down with Ferguson to talk about her experience making the movie, she weighed in on the potential of a Rose prequel. (Trust me; after seeing Doctor Sleep, you’re going to want more of her!)


Image via Warner Bros.

On top of that, we also chatted about Ferguson’s very real fear of jump scares, the most recent King novel she’s read, a pivotal reaction shot that she absolutely nails in the third act of the film, and more. You can hear it all for yourself in the video interview at the top of this article!

Doctor Sleep hits theaters nationwide on November 8th. You can give the Collider Video review of the movie a watch right here and if you want more from the cast of the film, we’ve also got an interview with McGregor here.

Rebecca Ferguson:

  • Did Ferguson know this role was a pitch perfect fit when she first read it?
  • What is it that makes Rose a terrifying character?
  • We don’t learn much about Rose’s past in the book; did Ferguson fill in any of the gaps herself?
  • You don’t want to jump scare Rebecca Ferguson …
  • Ferguson talks about a key reaction shot for Rose that takes place in the Overlook.