The Goldbergs: Rick Springfield’s “RAD!” Cameo

gomoviesNovember 7, 2019

Here’s Rick Springfield’s guest appearance on The Goldbergs explained. Rick Springfield is best known as the singer behind hit songs like “Jessie’s Girl,” but he’s got a long list of acting credits too. Early in his career, he appeared on various TV shows like The Six Million Dollar Man or The Incredible Hulk, before appearing in movies like Hard To Hold and Nick Knight. The latter was actually a failed TV pilot that was later reworked into cult vampire series Forever Knight, where Geraint Wyn Davies replacing Springfield in the title role.

One of his most famous roles is that of Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital, where he made his first appearance back in 1981, and he’s periodically returned to the show over the years. Springfield’s acting career has seen a noticeable bump in recent years due to his well-received turn in drama Ricki And The Flash alongside Meryl Streep. He went on to appear in season 2 of True Detective and an episode of American Horror Story.

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He also made a guest appearance during Supernatural season 12 as an aging rock star possessed by Lucifer. It was probably only a matter of time before Springfield appeared on ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, which has a habit of collecting pop culture cameos. The show debuted in 2013 and follows the comic adventures of the title family, which is based on the childhood of creator Adam F. Goldberg. Throughout its seven seasons, the show has featured cameos by Robert Englund as A Nightmare On Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger while Rick Moranis provided a vocal cameo as Spaceballs’ Dark Helmet.

rick springfield RAD episode the goldbergs

Rick Springfield showed up during The Goldbergs season 6 episode “RAD!” where he played Gary Globberman, the owner of a new karaoke bar with the pun-tastic name “Gary-oke’s.” The story revolves around Erica Goldberg getting a job at the bar, which she feels will help her musical ambitions. She turns to her mother Beverly to help bring in more customers – which naturally leads to comic hijinks. Given the premise, it was also only natural Rick and Beverly would perform a karaoke version of “Jessie’s Girl” together too.

“RAD!” was a fluffy, low stakes episode of The Goldbergs, but Rick Springfield was clearly having a good time. The show returned for its seventh season in September 2019, so it will be interesting to see what surprise cameos they still have in store. Police Academy star Steve Guttenberg made an appearance during the sixth episode “A 100% True Ghost Story.”

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