Khloé Kardashian’s Daughter Wears Six Different Halloween Costumes

gomoviesNovember 7, 2019

Keeping Up With the Kardashians‘ Khloé Kardashian pulled out all the stops for her daughter’s Halloween costume (or costumes) this year. In typical Kardashian fashion, the youngest of the Kardashian sisters went all out, choosing six different costumes for 18-month-old daughter, True.

Khloé hasn’t had an easy time since conceiving True with NBA player Tristan Thompson. The day before she gave birth in November 2018, video footage emerged of Tristan cozying up to another women months earlier, when Khloé was three months pregnant. Despite the betrayal, the pair made up only a few days later. For the next year, their relationship was plagued by drama and constant rumors of a breakup, until February 2019 when news came out that Tristan cheated on Khloé again, this time with Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. Khloé couldn’t forgive him for this latest indiscretion, and the pair split for good. Throughout the year, they’ve had to relive the drama on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. However, Khloé has clearly moved forward with baby True, leaving memories of her time with Tristan far behind them. Despite Tristan’s absence at this year’s Halloween, Khloé went all out for her baby girl. Little True wore not one, not two, but six different costumes throughout the spooky season, all of which were documented on Khloe’s Instagram.

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First, True made an appearance as the most adorable little swan, complete with a stuffed bird and a tutu. Then, she took a trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory as the cutest little oompa-loompa you ever did see. The third, fourth, and fifth costumes made an appearance in one adorable post. Her third costume was a cute little bumblebee, complete with wings and a hat. Next, True dressed as a pumpkin, mimicking her first costume from last year. Her fifth costume transformed her into a lion, with a painted tongue sticking out of her mouth. True rounded out her Halloween looks alongside Khloé herself as an adorable Dalmatian to her mom’s Cruella de Vil. True wore a spotted outfit and face paint, clutching her own stuff Dalmatian to round out the look. See the over the top Halloween post below:

Despite her drama with Tristan, Khloé has always made it clear that True is her first priority. She officially debuted her daughter on Instagram in May 2018, marking one month since her birth. When news came out about Tristan’s second infidelity with Jordyn Woods, Khloé made it clear that he would always be in her life as the father of her child. Even though Tristan has shown little interest in their daughter since she was born, Khloé has peppered True in love and affection, constantly speaking about how important her daughter is to her.

True is obviously Khloé’s top priority. Her desire to give her daughter the best holiday imaginable is reflected in her many Halloween costumes. While it may seem like overkill to some, there are few children who wouldn’t want to dress up in multiple outfits, extending the Halloween celebration from one night to many different occasions. After a particularly difficult year for this small family unit, it’s nice to see mother and daughter bonding and enjoying life together.

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