DC’s Titans Twist Sees Robin Get Himself Arrested, Here’s Why

gomoviesNovember 7, 2019

Titans has put Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) in a shocking position following the latest episode the DC Universe series. In Titans season 2, episode 9, titled “Atonement”, Dick ends up telling the whole team the truth about Jericho’s (Chella Man) devastating death. The original members and most of the newbies don’t respond well to Dick’s confession, calling it quits and deciding to leave Titans Tower. This prompts Dick to seek out Jericho’s mother to ask for her forgiveness in the role he played in getting Jericho killed. Dick explains how he and the team used Jericho to get to Deathstroke (Esai Morales) after the assassin killed Aqualad (Drew Van Acker.) While Adeline (Mayko Nguyen) admits she tries to be a forgiving person, she refuses to accept Dick’s apology.

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Adeline does, however, offer a big surprise to the former Boy Wonder. It turns out that Slade is still with Adeline as he and Dick are faced against each other once more. While Dick tries to remind him that it was Slade’s sword that killed Jericho, the villain manages to break the hero. During their conversation, Slade explains that Dick has yet to accept his own guilt in how Jericho lost his life. Slade proceeds to sentence Dick to live the rest of his life alone until he has paid for his crime. But it doesn’t stop there as Slade also makes him a deadly promise.

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If Dick ever dares to bring the Titans together again, Slade swears he will take out each and every one of them. Slade has broken Dick and he didn’t even have to lift a finger. Dick ends up at an airport where he is ready to go on a journey to figure out what to do next. After he purchases a ticket to Greenland, the episode begins to reveal how Slade managed to get to him. While Gar (Ryan Potter) tries to call him to get help with Conner (Joshua Orpin), Dick makes a shocking decision. The final minutes of “Atonement” ends with Dick assaulting two officers so he could get himself arrested. Determined to keep his friends safe from Deathstroke, Dick decides that getting himself sent to prison will keep the Titans safe from being targeted by Slade.

Titans Dick Arrested

But what this cliffhanger also demonstrated is Dick’s determination in being punished for getting Jericho killed, and so a sense of justice can be served The next episode, “Fallen”, will most definitely address where Dick is heading and whether or not he has a secret agenda with getting himself arrested. Has Deathstroke truly broken the hero or has the war only just begun with what Dick did in “Atonement”?

It would be a surprise if Dick is looking for a resource within the walls of prison that could lead to stopping Slade once and for all. Another scenario is that perhaps Deathstroke did truly win by breaking Dick mentally, which is what leads to his arrest. In one way or another, answers will soon be revealed in the final remaining episodes of Titans season 2.

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