All of GOB’s Significant Others, Compared

gomoviesNovember 7, 2019

Gob is a bit of a ladies man throughout Arrested Development. He’s had a number of girlfriends, a wife and a sort-of boyfriend during his time on the show, but some of these characters are a little bit better than others.

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All of Gob’s relationships are complicated because of his childlike nature. He doesn’t know how to fully maintain a relationship and has often struggled to keep a girlfriend. The series sadly ends with Gob single, although there were plenty of opportunities for this not to be true. His actions and the women he chose though meant that it was always going to be difficult to be the adult in the relationship. Here’s all of Gob’s relationships, 7 in total, ranked!

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We don’t know too much about Eve Holt. Eve and Gob both went to school together and we only know what she looks like because of a yearbook photo. The two had a brief relationship when they were younger, although it had larger consequences.

It’s difficult to not rank Eve at the bottom purely because we know so little about her personality. We don’t even know if they were a good couple together although it’s assumed it’s nothing more than a young fling. The relationship did produce Gob’s son Steve Holt, however, which added a lot to the character as he learned to be a father. In some ways, the relationship with Eve was, therefore, the one that improved Gob.


Kitty Sanchez is an ongoing character throughout Arrested Development. She’s not afraid to use her sexuality to advance her career and has actually slept with a lot of the Bluth family, especially when they are in positions of power.

The former secretary of the Bluth company has had a relationship with George Bluth and also with Gob for some time. The two were especially toxic together with Kitty usually looking for money and becoming especially obsessive over the men she was with. She was no good for Gob ultimately, although he treated her terribly too.


Dating Lucille Austero was probably one of the worst things that Gob has done, although she is at least a little less destructive than Kitty Sanchez. The two had a strange relationship that was only prompted by Gob wanting to influence Lucille’s decisions.

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Lucille was very wealthy and has had some power over the Bluth company now and again. She is also Lucille Bluth’s rival which was an extra catch for Gob. However, this relationship caused conflict with his brother Buster, who also had an equally creepy relationship with Lucille. These two were definitely not meant to be together though.


Ann is considered one of the most boring parts of the series because her character is so dull. George Michael went out with her for some time, despite protests from his father, who felt like his son could do so much better. There was more to Ann than we realized though, as we got to know her more. Ann was part of a very religious family. Her father ran the local church and this is what prompted Gob to start dating her.

He wished to ‘pray away the gay’ and was taking part in the many activities that her church did, in order to help cure himself. Eventually, after a run-in with the gay mafia, he had to leave Ann and her family, who was distraught for some time. The two were an odd pair with the relationship becoming really inappropriate considering the age difference but he did nearly marry her!


Gob was actually married at one point in his life. In his younger days, he was almost as reckless as he is now. After meeting a random woman he got married to her on a dare. Unfortunately, that meant he had to follow through on the marriage. The two actually lived together for a while until eventually, the wife left for the army.

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Ironically Gob never even learned his wife’s name! The two ran into each other again some time later and they had to make sure their marriage was officially over, especially if Gob wanted to marry Ann in the future. The wife was actually fun and bubbly if not a little crazy like Gob. They were probably a good fit for each other, but she wasn’t the one that got away.


It’s fair to say that Marta Estrella was the one who got away. Marta was a genuinely nice girl. She was kind and brought a lot of happiness to Gob. Unfortunately, Gob’s brother, Michael, was also very interested in Marta. Then, Gob started to get bored with her.

It’s unclear why he was taking the relationship for granted. However, once it was revealed that Micheal was also interested in her, Gob started putting up a fight for her. The conflict between the two of them actually drove away Marta though. She was by far the best girlfriend that Gob ever had. But she can’t be at the top of this list.


This entry is a complicated one but it was difficult for us to ignore the biggest relationship in Gob’s life, on and off fling, Tony Wonder. Their relationship started as a magical rivalry with the two constantly competing against one another.

Tony Wonder actually played the part of a gay magician while Gob was supposed to be the straight ladies man. They even did a trick at one point where the two switched sexuality. However, it was clear that they loved each other and had shared a few nights with each other. Gob took Tony’s apparent death really hard, but the two were united eventually. They are a brilliant couple and we hope it works out!

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