Adam Strange Has A Secret Partner In DC’s New Adventure

gomoviesNovember 7, 2019

It’s a fantastic time to be Adam Strange. After making his debut in the Krypton TV series and getting his own Strange HBO Max TV series, the cosmic adventurer is also getting a brand new comic series. From writer Tom King and artists Mitch Gerads and Doc Shaner, the Strange Adventures series will be a tale of thrilling space adventure with some undoubtedly dark twists and turns. King and Gerads are looking to put their Eisner Award-winning perspective on the science fiction superhero, exploring DC’s cosmos since 1958. And now it’s been revealed that a mysterious, unknown partner will be along for the ride.

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The Strange Adventures comic series began in the 1950s as an exploration of all things weird and, well… strange. As DC Comics’ first foray into science fiction there was a lot riding on the title’s success. The series continued all the way into the 1960s and became a pulp fiction icon, which still influences plenty of fantasy and sci-fi projects, to this day. Now, one of the greatest creative teams in modern comics is looking to put their own odd spin on these Strange Adventures. And they’ve managed to keep part of the story a total secret.

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Recently, Tom King sat down with Newsarama to discuss Strange Adventures and his upcoming New Gods movie. After expressing his appreciation for Adam Strange, King gave a brief glimpse into the highly-anticipated title… including the secret being kept from everyone:

I’ve only written one comic where it’s not about a relationship or a marriage. For super nerds, Adam Strange obviously was not the star of Strange Adventures. He was the star of Mystery in Space back in the early sixties. And this is not a book about Adam Strange. It’s about Adam Strange and another character and the other character hasn’t been announced because it’s a twist in the first issue. So, Adam strange is only the co-star of this book in the same way Mister Miracle is the co-star with Barda. We haven’t announced the other character, but it’s someone different and someone who wants to come in. We have hints. If you look closely at Heroes in Crisis and Mister Miracle and a little bit in Batman, you could figure it out.

As many of Tom King’s comics explore a central relationship, it’s not surprising Lana Strange will be one of the more prominent supporting characters. But what about this other character that “hasn’t been announced” yet? It would seem Strange will be teaming up or against another DC hero in the very first issue. A character with a co-starring role that has apparently been hinted at some time in the past. While he does compare the two characters’ starring roles to Mister Miracle and Big Barda, that’s more than likely about sharing the page than about sharing a bedroom. So who exactly could this mysterious character be?

King points to all of his current or recently-concluded series for clues to his Strange Adventures co-star, in the same way Adam Strange bread crumbs were placed before this series was announced. In the final page of Mister Miracle, Scott Free can be seen wearing an impressive Adam Strange t-shirt, and in Heroes In Crisis Strange makes a brief appearance in one of Clay Mann’s beautifully illustrated pages. Well, Strange isn’t the only hero to make an appearance on that page.

One of DC’s other science fiction-based superheroes appears right beside Adam Strange: the intimidatingly intelligent Mister Terrific. Michael Holt, otherwise known by his modest and humble alter-ego Mister Terrific, is one of DC’s most brilliant minds. A prodigious, genius inventor and innovator on par with DC greats like Batman and Lex Luthor. Equipped with his extremely powerful T-spheres, Terrific is often saving the universe or the entire dimension while no one else is even paying attention.

Tom King is known for his affinity for obscure or lesser-explored superheroes. Both Adam Strange and Mister Terrific fit that bill. While they have literally countless worlds to explore, they’re not necessarily some of the most popular names in comics. Not yet, at least. Tom King managed to turn Vision and Mister Miracle into classics, chances are he’ll do the same with his next series. Hopefully, Adam Strange can help to deliver the Strange Adventures that the title promises.

Strange Adventures #1 is set to hit shelves in early 2020.

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Source: Newsarama

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