10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Harry

gomoviesNovember 7, 2019

You would think that after eight movies there would be nothing that fans don’t know about Harry Potter, who was the main character for one of the most popular movie franchises of all time, but despite the great detail the films go into, that isn’t the case.

As with any popular series, the films quickly built up a legion of dedicated fans who have picked out many unanswered questions about the boy who lived.

Because even though the popular wizard gets plenty of screen time in all of the movies, there are still many things that we need clarification on, and within this article, we will be ranking the 10 biggest unanswered questions about Harry Potter himself.

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Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

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10 Why Does He Need Glasses?

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

We kickstart the list with a simple unanswered question that neither the movies or the books ever really addressed, which is why he actually needs to wear glasses. Surely, as a top wizard, he would be able to use a spell or charm to improve things.

Harry uses magic to fix his glasses, and even though he isn’t the best at the most technical magic, there is no reason that someone else couldn’t perform a trick that would make it so he could just live without glasses.

It might seem like a simple decision, but it would have been better had the movie addressed the situation and provided an explanation as to why it couldn’t have happened, rather than left people just pointing at the obvious.

9 Being With The Dursleys

When we meet Harry Potter, we learn about his “muggle” family, the Dursleys, and it is clear from the fact that he sleeps under the stairs that the family do not like him in any way.

While it’s understandable why Dumbeldore and Hagrid left Harry at their doorstep, it is quite strange that Potter himself never questions his two mentors about why they left him with them, especially since Dumbledore likely knew how horrendous they were as people.

They might have been his family, but surely Harry would have been better placed in the wizarding world to start with, and it is odd that he never asks any questions about this decision.

8 What Happened To His Family?

Speaking of Harry Potter’s family, another question that is never addressed is what happens to his entire family, such as his grandparents for instance. They are never mentioned or talked about, which is surprising considering that he is from such a famous wizarding family.

While it is clear that they must have passed away due to the fact Dumbeldore leaves Harry with the Dursley’s instead, so this could be why the movies never address the situation.

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However, it would be nice if even in a callback clip, the movie addressed just what happened to all of his grandparents and whether or not Voldermort had anything to do with their deaths.

7 Does He Continue A Career In Quidditch?

Fairly early on in the series, it is made clear that Harry Potter is very gifted on a broomstick, which is how he ends up making the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, and while his career isn’t massively explained, the glimpses that are shown make it clear he is very talented.

Now, Potter obviously ends up a little busy with his battles against Voldermort to be concerned about chasing around a golden snitch, but when everything is said and done between them, does he continue to pursue the sport?

It feels hard to believe that he would just give up on something that he was so talented at, with Potter having real prospects, but we never really find out much about his time in the sport.

6 Does He Finish School?

At the start of the franchise, we see Harry Potter join Hogwarts, starting his schooling journey as a young wizard, but due to the fact he has to fight against the Dark Lord, his school career ends up taking a back burner, unsurprisingly.

But it is never confirmed whether or not Potter returns to the school with the rest of his peers after he has defeated Lord Voldermort to finish learning from the teachers in order to become the best possible wizard he can be.

While it seems unlikely that Potter would want to return to school after everything he has been through, it could have been addressed in the final film, rather than just skipping ahead to the future when he is an adult and has a family.

5 How Can Moody See Through The Cloak?

Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility is something that he uses throughout the movies to great effect, and considering that the cloak was a hallow and is deemed to be of “true invisibility,” it isn’t a surprise that it is so effective.

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However, Mad-Eye Moody, when he is Barty Crouch, manages to see through that cloak and knows that Harry is underneath, which simply shouldn’t be possible due to the fact it is deemed to be the highest quality of invisibility.

The cloak is supposed to be immune to charms, spells, and even death itself, yet somehow Barty is able to work out he is there, which doesn’t make any sense when you consider the cloak’s powers.

4 Triwizard

The Goblet Of Fire is one of the most popular Harry Potter movies, but it does bring up some questions about Harry Potter himself, in particular, his relationship with Dumbledore who is well aware of how important Harry is to the future of the wizarding world.

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While we know that Harry is set up in terms of being put into the Triwizard Tournament, it seems strange that Dumbledore doesn’t have the power to pull him out of the entire thing.

Had Harry been burnt to death by the dragon or trapped underwater, then there would have been a major issue for the future of everyone, which is why it makes no sense that he wouldn’t get involved.

3 His Money

Early on it is established that Harry Potter has inherited a rather large sum of money, and while we see him splashing the cash on the Hogwarts Express as he and Ron will “have the lot,” his finances are never really explored in great detail.

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It would have made sense it Harry had bought lots of expensive things, but instead that never really happened, with the rich wizard staying at the Weasley household, relying on their cooking and Christmas gifts.

Surely considering how much money he has, Harry could have bought the latest broomsticks and equipped his friends and family, but that never happens and it is unknown what actually happens to all his riches.

2 Dumbledore’s Portrait

The journey to destroy all of the Horcruxes is one that Harry embarks upon with Dumbledore, and the Hogwarts headmaster knows that the mission is going to be the death of him, hence why he brings Harry to help.

While Harry learns about what he needs to do in order to overcome Voldermort, he doesn’t know what all the different Horcruxes are, which seems like a mistake on Dumbledore’s behalf, although he is slightly busy at the time to be fair.

However, Dumbledore’s portrait is located at Hogwarts, so why doesn’t Harry just go and ask him, after all, we know that the paintings communicate, and while Dumbledore may not have known all the locations, he would surely have known a few.

1 The Thestrals

Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood bond over the fact they can both see Thestrals and the reason for that is because they have seen death in real life, however previous to that Harry has never been able to see the creatures.

However, this doesn’t make sense because Harry had seen death several times by that point in his life, starting with when he was a baby and Voldermort killed his mother, and secondly when he saw Cedric killed, once again by Voldermort.

So, why can’t he see a Thestral in Goblet of Fire? This is one particular situation that is never properly explained and is an unanswered question that remains about his character.

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