10 Other MCU Villains Who Deserve Their Own Series

gomoviesNovember 7, 2019

The advent of Disney+ is already promising several huge Marvel TV properties. Not only is there going to be a series focussing on ‘What If storylines, but there are also going to be some notable and in canon stories about MCU characters coming to the new streaming service, such as WandaVision, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as well as the Loki TV show.

The Loki TV series raises an important question for the future of Marvel TV, will there be any more shows about MCU villains? The MCU has such a rich plethora of villains, some with an unexplored and vast comic book history, that it would be criminal not to explore them. This article will list 10 MCU villains that deserve their own series.

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10 Ghost

The inclusion of Ghost in this list is more related to the possibilities of the character rather than their actual impact on the MCU. Sure, Ghost isn’t exactly Thanos level in her abilities. But her abilities are certainly interesting. If the character was to return, it would be unclear what the character’s motives would be in future adventures, as her main drive in Ant Man and the Wasp was to cure herself.

Perhaps the MCU version of Ghost will be less villainous than her comic book counterpart. Her main motive was just to save her life after all. Now that she doesn’t have to do this, she may move more into anti-hero territory.

9 Ebony Maw

Ebony Maw in Avengers Infinity War

Ebony Maw is no more, but he has certainly left an impression on the audience. Ebony Maw is an intimidating looking villain with an even more intimidating set of skills. His powerful mastery of telekinesis even made him a match for the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange.

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While Maw did die in both Infinity War and Endgame, a prequel would be open to several great stories. One of the more interesting tales to explore about ‘Squidward’ could be how he developed his powers, or even how he met the Mad Titan, Thanos.

8 Helmut Zemo

Arguably, Helmut Zemo is the best villain in the MCU. While he doesn’t have the power or ambitions of Thanos, Zemo had a goal that was grounded and believable. Zemo is a cunning and cerebral villain who had a personal vendetta against the avengers. He even succeeded, albeit temporarily, in breaking up the Avengers.

What is notable about Zemo is that he is still alive, allowing for a return of the character in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. His involvement in the Disney+ streaming service could help set up a solo series for the character if the right plot was to arise.

7 Crossbones

Although Crossbones may be dead after launching a suicide attack on the Avengers, the character could still have a TV series in the form of a prequel. The character has a deep comic book history, though usually connected to Red Skull. Crossbones even helps Red Skull (kind of) put an end to Captain America.

In the MCU, however, the character has a lot of unexplored history that could prove an entertaining watch. His connections to Hyrda and his eventual infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. would make for great espionage TV.

6 Ronan The Accuser

Ronan the Accuser did not get the greatest of deaths. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan the Accuser ‘lost’ a dance-off to Peter Quill and was then vaporized by the power stone. The fact that this was such an undignified send off for Ronan certainly helps his case for a solo series. He’s already appeared in Captain Marvel, so it would appear possible to bring back the character in a prequel scenario.

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A Ronan solo series could see him traversing the galaxy and, potentially, running into the new big bad of the Marvel Universe.

5 Red Skull

Red Skull is Captain America‘s most well-known villain, so it is slightly disappointing to know that we will probably never see them face off on screen. Captain America has seemingly retired and Red Skull is off on Vormir guarding the soul stone (or maybe he isn’t as the soul is no more). This lack of clarity after the events of Endgame opens up new possibilities for the character.

Will Red Skull now be able to leave the planet? Could this lead to a Nazis in Space TV show? There really needs to be some resolution to Red Skull’s story and an ideal way to do this would be through a Disney+ TV series.

4 Yon-Rogg

While Yon-Rogg isn’t the most memorable villain in the MCU, he certainly has a magnetic pull that is largely dependent upon Jude Law. On the one hand, a Yon-Rogg TV series could be a prequel that follows Yon-Rogg as he works for the Kree across the universe. This could set up more nuanced stories about the conflict between the Kree and the Skrulls. On the other hand, a series could also follow Yon-Rogg after he is sent back to Hala at the end of Captain Marvel. This could either set up some redemption for the character or, perhaps, a revenge arc against Captain Marvel.

Not only would this make great science fiction TV, but it would also treat us all to more Jude Law (regardless of how difficult it may be to get him to reprise his role for Disney+).

3 The Grandmaster

What would this show be about exactly? Maybe we could see the Grandmaster slowly trying to reclaim power after the events of Thor Ragnarok, or perhaps we could watch him trying to find another planet. That being said, it doesn’t really matter what the Grandmaster will be doing in the show, we will all watch purely for the Jeff Goldblum factor.

One interesting fan fiction idea would have Goldblum’s Grandmaster meet up with Benecio Del Toro’s Collector. This would certainly make for an interesting combination.


2 Ulysses Klaue

Klaue Black Panther

Ulysses Klaue is another character who would benefit from a prequel show. Klaue is Black Panther’s main villain and it was a shame that he was killed off in the first Black Panther movie. The MCU version of the character was more of an arms dealer than a physicist, but this certainly opens up more possibilities with regard to plot.

The Klaue solo series could explore some of his old adventures, perhaps introducing a bigger villain that Klaue has to go up against.

1 Hela

Although it could prove difficult to get Cate Blanchette to reprise her role on Disney+, it does not hurt to dream. While Hela appears to meet her end in Thor Ragnarok, the character still has a rich history that could be explored in a prequel series. Perhaps the character could also meet other cosmic big bads along the way.

The Hela TV series does not have to be live-action either, allowing the creators to avoid having to entice Cate Blanchette back to the role. The Marvel What If series is animated, so perhaps some canon villain shows could be too!

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