10 Hidden Details About Tyrion Lannister’s Costume You Didn’t Notice

gomoviesNovember 7, 2019

Tyrion Lannister had one of the most incredible, engaging and, at times, devastating journeys throughout Game Of Thrones eight-season run. He was the pariah of the Lannister clan which led him to drown his sorrows in booze and women. But over time, his story led him down many different paths and he became the fan-favorite character of the show.

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He had a lot of depth to him that we didn’t initially realize was there. Frequently, his costume had many hidden meanings and messages that reflected his character and his journey. While some were more obvious than others, there was plenty to dissect in his costume and stylings that helped us better understand who he was as a person and what his motives truly were. Any Tyrion cosplayers should take note to perfectly emulate one of the best characters to ever come out of Game of Thrones.

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10 His Costume Always Reflected His State Of Mind

One of the best ways to show what the character is going through mentally or during a personal quest on GoT was to evoke their emotional state through their clothing. Lead costume designer Michele Clapton did this time and time again with several characters on the series, including Tyrion Lannister.

You could see when he was going through a substantially tough time when his clothes were either darker, or worse, completely ragged and worn. Furthermore, if things were starting look up for him on his journey, his clothes would be far fancier and brighter, showing that things are starting to turn around for our favorite Lannister.

9 He Once Owned The Catspaw Assassin Dagger

In the first season, Bran was bedridden from his fall — or push — out of the tower at Winterfell. An assassin who was simply credited as the Catspaw Assassin went to end his life at this moment, but he did not succeed.

It was later found out by Catelyn from Petyr Baelish that it was once Tyrion’s that he lost in a bet. Whether the validity of this story is true or not is up in the air since it is Littlefinger we’re talking about. But if this was indeed Tyrion’s dagger, it would be another great look into the past of this character and would also be a fantastic prop for any Tyrion cosplayers out there.

8 Tyrion Always Has A Drink In Hand

While over the course of the series, we learned a lot more about Tyrion and the troubled life he led. Each episode we fell a little more in love with him, but that didn’t change the fact he had a bit of a problem with alcohol.

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The man always has a drink in hand. In fact, this happens so frequently that if he doesn’t have a wine glass or a stein on him, he almost looks odd without it. It has become such a staple in his costume that it is basically his best accessory and prop that makes his entire look come together.

7 His Dark Clothing During His Trial Reflected His Fate

Not only can clothing depict the mood or state of mind a character is in, but it can also help emulate the next phase in a character’s storyline. This includes the likely fate of a character, as well.

When Tyrion was on trial for Joffrey’s murder, it was nearly certain that his fate was doomed. With Cersei and Tywin leading the mob at King’s Landing, how was he going to possibly get a fair trial? So his clothing definitely reflected that. It was much darker and moodier and showed not only the anger and betrayal he felt at this accusation, but that he was likely not going to make it out of the trial a free man. At least, not initially…

6 Like Ser Bronn Said, His Clothing Is For “Fancy Folk”

Ser Bronn was right when he labeled the clothing Tyrion typically wore as something “fancy folk” wear. He may have been the outcast of the Lannister family but he still was a part of the House.

He had money and access to lavish things, including, of course, the clothing and accessories he would wear. He frequently wore doublets with his nice pants, leather belt and boots. In the first season, his red leather doublet was even embroidered with the signature Lannister gold. It showed his position and how much he was worth, financially. It made him look important even if he was a joke to most people.

5 He Wore His Hand Of The King Pin For Two Ruthless Leaders

Tyrion hated his nephew, King Joffrey, but had to work as acting Hand of the King to the maniacal and ruthless King. He wore the signature Hand of the King pin during this time period and would later wear it for yet another careless and self-serving leader.

We wouldn’t have thought Daenerys Targaryen would fall into that category, at least not when we first met her. But by the end of the series, while Tyrion was the permanent Hand of the Queen, she had lost her mind a bit and became the Mad Queen, much like her father. Eventually, Tyrion would wear that same pin for a King worth fighting for — Bran Stark.

4 He Began Sporting A Beard After His Escape

When Tyrion finally escaped a certain death during his imprisonment after the trial of Joffrey’s murder, he had done so with the help of his brother Jaime.

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It stands to reason that when he escaped, he would not want to be an obvious Lannister, especially Tyrion Lannister. He had to disguise himself and the easiest way to do that? Grow a beard, of course. It may not have completely hidden his own identity, but it definitely did keep it under wraps for a time. After he began working for Daenerys, he continued to keep this scruffy beard, showing that this was the new Tyrion and the old one was gone.


3 Lannister Lions Adorned His Armor

In the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones, when we would see Tyrion fighting alongside the Lannister army, he wore heavy duty armor when going into battle. This armor had the signature red and gold colors that the Lannisters are so fond of, and he also had the lion from their House sigil adorning both of his shoulders.

It highlighted not only where Tyrion came from, even if they despised his existence, but it also showed he was not one to back down from a fight. That was never more apparent than the Battle of Blackwater.

2 His Scar Became A Part Of His Character

At the Battle of Blackwater, Tyrion fought with all that he had alongside the Lannister army. He used wildfire against their opponents and warded them off quite well.

But when Tyrion fought in actual combat, he was unfortunately harmed. His face had a large gash in it that only made him feel even more like an outcast. In a way, it was as though his outer appearance was now showing the wounded nature of his character that was always on the inside. It took time for him to accept this new appearance of his, but he eventually got there and with that acceptance, the wound gradually began to fade.

1 Tywin’s Death Changed His Style

In the earlier seasons, whenever Tyrion was subjected to the hatefulness from his family, particularly his father, Tywin Lannister, we saw him in much more dreary, darker clothing.

But then, when he killed Tywin before he escaped his own death sentence, it was as though a different side of Tyrion was beginning to come out. When he began working side by side with Daenerys Targaryen, he truly became his best self, for a time. This meant he was in fine, beautiful, and brighter clothing that showed not only his improved mood but also the course his journey was about to take. Without the weight of his father’s hate, it was time for Tyrion to finally, truly live.

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